The Ultimate Trolling Spinners for salmon, trout, and steelhead.

Dirty Troll Salmon Trolling Spinners

Here are just a few of our Dirty Troll salmon trolling spinners. Salmon just can’t resist.

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the best salmon trolling spinners

A beautiful Coho caught in Resurrection Bay out of Seward Alaska using our “War Hammer” Salmon Trolling Spinners


When it comes to catching salmon, the Dirty Troll can’t be beat. We’re talking the ultimate trolling spinners that fish can’t resist. Whether you’re fishing the Dirty Troll or Dirty Troll Elite, there’s no denying the Dirty Troll is one of the best salmon trolling spinners on the market. Fish the in fresh water or the salt Dirty Troll is a proven winner. Why?


  • Our Dirty Troll Salmon Trolling Spinners are proven effective.

  • Made in the USA  of the highest quality parts.

  • Premium Hooks like VMC, Matzuo, and Gamakatsu, not the cheap stuff.

  • UV Enhanced for additional attracting capabilities.


Order your Dirty Troll spinners today and see why so many anglers are starting to fish dirty.