The Ultimate Trolling Spinners for salmon, trout, and steelhead.


When it comes to Trolling spinners the Dirty Troll one of the most effective lures on the market for catching salmon and steelhead in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the last 40 years year, we have been developing our killer fishing gear and now with our signature line of trolling spinners we have taken it to the next level. We incorporate eco-friendly SCB natural stone fishing beads into every spinner. We’ve found the perfect combo of bead versus blade that really drives the fish to the bite.

For example the reds and chartreuse colors seem to have the greatest effect on the aggressive fish the Pacific Northwest has to offer. This is why we utilize the SCB Green Grape beads and Fire Engine red beads on many of our trolling spinners and even better these two bead varieties are UV enhanced.

We currently offer two options in regards to hooks for our Dirty Troll spinners. Our customers can choose from a premium treble hook from VMC or Owner or an upper end single hook made by Gamakastu or Matzuo. This is helpful for anglers who fish areas through out the Pacific Northwest that doesn’t allow treble hooks when fishing for salmon or steelhead. To increase hook sets we’ve added UV hook stabilizer tubing which has proven to increase hook sets over and over again. Another important element of our trolling spinners is the weight of the lure. Our Dirty Troll spinners are a bit lighter than casting spinners as not to affect the action of a flasher when trolling. Each spinner is designed to work perfectly behind a 4 inch flasher just as well as a 9 inch thus making it the perfect all around trolling spinner.



One of the most important factors in a spinner build is the design of the spinner blade. We use two of the most fish attracting spinner blade designs ever made. We currently offer our Dirty Troll


with the ever-popular #3.5, #4 and #4.5 Colorado spinner blades and size #4 and #6 Cascade. The Colorado blades are a round spoon shaped blade designed for maximum vibration. They engage very quickly and will rotate very effectively even at slow trolling speeds. The broad shape produces a deep heavy vibration that can be detected by fish at long distances making them effective in water conditions that make it hard to the fish to see the lure. The Colorado blade is perfect for fishing deep water and on overcast days or poor visibility water conditions.

Another create feature of the Colorado is that you can feel it’s movement very well through the rod allowing anglers to ensure it is engaged and working as intended. The other extremely effective spinner blade we use that had significant acclaim here is the Northwest is the infamous Cascade blade. These spinner blades are exceptional for catching salmon and steelhead as well as Musky and Northern pike. Over the years they’ve been called Wide Willow blades, Turtleback, Mag Willow, Oklahoma Blade, or the Olympic Thumper. However, we prefer the Cascade as it’s specific to our region and made famous by the Poulsen Cascade company out of Oregon. This blade is essentially the widened version of the classic Willow Leaf Blade and provides a level of vibration that falls between a Colorado and an Indiana blade. In heavy pressure waters the Cascade spinner blade creates a sonic signature unlike any other spinner blade design and is more likely to attract the attention of predatory fish.



In addition, our Dirty Troll Elite series uses the more expensive gold, silver, and copper plating for optimal reflective capabilities as well as durability. Another important feature of our Dirty Troll Spinners is that we applied sold metal accent beads rather than the hollow ones. What makes this important is that solid beads do not tarnish in salt water as rapidly as the hollow beads do, thus increasing the life and effectiveness of the lure for saltwater applications. Each Dirty Troll Spinner is unique as the gemstones beads that adorn them. They are natural stone and tend to vary in color and brilliance. These beads alone have proven very effective a attracting fish and now with our spinner line, we are producing custom-made salmon trolling spinners that catch fish over and over again.

You will not find these spinners anywhere else. We are the only tackle manufacturer that uses natural stone beads on their lures thus setting us apart from the rest of the tackle manufacturers in the sports fishing industry. Try our Dirty Troll salmon, trout, and steelhead trolling spinners today and find out what it’s like to fish quality tackle you’ll never find in the big box stores. If your serious about catching fish then it’s time to start fishing dirty.